When the news broke about Patrick Kane’s accuser no longer wanting to pursue a criminal investigation against him, people started making up wild conspiracy theories. Many speculated if the Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Kane or somebody involved with the team possibly paid the accuser to “be quiet.”

The people who truly believe the accuser could have been paid off are probably the same ones who failed to even consider that Kane could be innocent. The phrase “innocent until proven guilty” was thrown out the window months ago due to relentless media scrutiny in Chicago, with Sarah Spain, Julie DiCaro and Dan Bernstein leading the way.

It was so bad that it continued long after Kane’s DNA wasn’t even found on the victim. Media personalities cited “sources” that indicated a full conspiracy was underway.

When considering the lack of evidence presented the last few months, the vindictive journalism driving public opinion throughout this investigation was appalling.

  • What happened to the bite marks and scratches?
  • What happened to Kane “turning himself in” back in August?
  • What happened to Mark Giangreco’s source that called the case a “slam dunk” against Kane?

See the trail of reporting, from the supposed big media in Chicago, that has caused such a conflict in public opinion? These were the same people telling you not to talk about it. Tim Baffoe said Blackhawks fans were a blind “cult” with no sense of morale because they chose to form an opinion based on the facts presented to them.

These ridiculous attempts to control the opinion of Chicago fans led people to believe that the accuser could have been paid off by somebody to drop the investigation…

That might be the worst conspiracy theory even formed. Here’s why:

  • Kane’s DNA evidence was never found on the victim’s genitals or undergarments, but two other unidentified semen samples were discovered.
  • The accuser’s mother tried to pull off a hoax on the Erie County District Attorney to negate the findings in the rape kit.
  • The lawyer that initially represented the accuser, Tom Eoannou, called for an “independent investigation by the FBI” on live television when he was convinced the rape kit had been tampered with.
  • The Erie County District Attorney in charge of the investigation, Frank Sedita, was just elected as a State Supreme Court Judge in New York.
  • Kane’s attorney, Paul Cambria, said numerous times that his client was innocent and there were no settlements talks.

We could go on, and on… and on… but you get the point. Do you really think a payoff would prevent one of the most powerful men in New York (Sedita) from finding the truth about what happened in Kane’s house on the morning of August 2nd? If you do, you’re a moron.

Sports Mockery reported on August 25th that Kane wouldn’t be charged with rape, the Chicago Blackhawks allowed him to attend training camp and the NHL took no action to suspend Kane after weeks of investigation.

This wasn’t all a coincidence.

Chicago news reporters showed everyone how much they can be trusted to find the truth when it matters most. Now a ridiculous conspiracy theory is circulating social media.

“Wait, Chicago media didn’t tell the truth? Let me show you my surprised face.”