Baseball experts made predictions way back in April. Most were wrong, but they made new ones for the playoffs. Who said that the Cubs win the World Series? It may not surprise you that not many did. Good thing most experts are wrong.

Sports Illustrated may not have confidence that the Cubs will win the World Series, but many writers are confident that they will beat the Cardinals. Out of eleven listed writers, eight picked the Cubs to top the Cardinals in NLDS. That includes top SI writer Tom Verducci. However, frequent 670 the Score guest Joe Sheehan went with the Cardinals.

Back to the Future
We all know who Marty McFly would have picked.

Out of all the baseball personalities at ESPN only two thought the Cubs would win it all. Baseball Tonight hostsĀ Karl Ravech Adnan Virk did not think that the Cubs would win the World Series, but both thought the Cubs would take the National League pennant. So who were the two Cubs picks?

The ESPN experts that are rooting for the Cubs are Pedro Gomez and fantasy baseball czar Eric Karabell. Karabell has loved Jake Arrieta all year round, and must be confident that he will continue his dominance. Gomez had picked the White Sox to win it all in April, so he must figure that he’ll be half right by switching cardinal directions. Joining these two in picking the Cubs are Kevin McCauley and Mark Hinog from SB Nation. They were the only pairĀ from their sports family to pick the Cubs. It’s nice to know that some national “experts” like the Cubs, then again, considering how wrong they all can be, maybe it’s a good thing that the “experts” didn’t pick the Cubs.