Blackhawk Artemi Panarin
Blackhawk Artemi Panarin

Even though the Blackhawks lost their home opener against the New York Rangers yesterday, there was definitely one shining star: Artemi Panarin. With only one regular season game under his belt in the NHL, it’s clear to see how dangerous he will be. There hasn’t been this much excitement about a new player’s ability since linemate Patrick Kane busted onto the scene in 2007.

The true sign that a player is accepted into an NHL locker room is the acquisition of a nickname. It lets players develop a closer relationship, and it’s definitely something that’s earned, not given.

New Blackhawk Artemi Panarin Shall Henceforth Be Known As “Bread Man”

There’s no doubt that Panarin doesn’t understand it’s meaning just yet, primarily because he doesn’t speak English very well. Andrew Shaw’s segment, “Shaw and Tell”, even stated on 101.9 The Mix’s Eric and Kathy show, that laughter is a language everyone understands; and Panarin sees people laughing at the new name. However he seems to understand the purpose of team picking on the new guy, and just rolls with the punches.

The name was decided because Artemi’s last name sounds very familiar to the beloved restaurant Panera Bread. And everyone seems to love both the player and the eating establishment for what they bring to the table.

All joking aside, Panarin was indeed a star in his first game, and it was noticed by anyone who follows the Blackhawks.

The first game of the season is always a sketchy one, especially when coming off of a short summer of celebrations. One can only assume that once this new team has a few games under its belt they are going to be magical. The young talent combined with veterans and trade acquisitions are resolute in showing the hockey world, that the Blackhawks are bound and determined to dominate the salary cap era.

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