Check Out This Classic Cubs-Cardinals Brawl


Allow me to set the stage for you.

During a Cubs-Cardinals game in September 1974, Al Hrabosky was on the hill for St. Louis. The Cubs’ Bill Madlock was set to bat, but as Hrabosky set, Madlock stepped out of the box and returned to the on-deck circle for more pine tar.

As Madlock stepped back in, Hrabosky stepped off the rubber to go through his pre-pitch routine. As he stepped back on, Madlock again stepped out and went BACK to the on-deck circle.

Fed up, umpire Shag Crawford motioned to Hrabosky to go ahead, and “the Mad Hungarian” fired a strike with nobody in the box. Madlock, on-deck hitter Jose Cardenal and Cubs manager Jim Marshall raced to the box and chaos ensues as I’m sure you’ll see.

Hrabosky would later that his “next pitch separated all three of them. For some reason that started a fight. And it was a good one.”

He is correct. Enjoy.

Just a tip: The fight takes up the first 1:05 of this video…it’s Bill Simmons, one of the big stars of the brawl, and his highlights the rest of the way.