The Oakland A’s probably have the worst stadium in MLB. Correction, the Oakland A’s have the worst stadium in MLB and it’s not even close. Let’s forget for a second that it’s really a football stadium and the A’s just play their home games in it. Well, during the 2013 season everyone got a nasty picture of how awful it is at the Coliseum.

First, the clubhouse flooded with raw sewage after a game in June.

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Disgusting. Flash forward a few months and there was another incident in the stadium.

During a game between the A’s and the Tampa Bay Rays on Aug. 30, 2013, Fernando Rodney was using the dugout bathroom and he then he trapped inside of it. Rodney was the Rays’ closer and this could’ve been one of the best stories of all-time if it would’ve been during the ninth inning. It’s still hilarious, though.

The Rays rallied in the eighth inning, when Rodney went to use the bathroom. Joe Maddon, now the manager of the Chicago Cubs, noticed and actually didn’t mind that his closer was trapped.

“It was a kind of a fun moment, ” Maddon said. “We kind of rallied then — we should have kept him in there. A lot of the commotion in the dugout in the eighth inning and part of the rally was someone beating on the door. Finally someone broke the door knob with a bat to get him out. I don’t even know who the hero was getting him out. I say he was in there a solid 15 minutes.”

The game was tied at three at the time, but the Rays eventually lost 4-3. Rodney saved 37 games in his final season in Tampa Bay and a week ago the Cubs traded for him. You probably already knew about his arrow celebration, but check out the time Rodney was stuck in a bathroom during a game.

If it were to happen to any player it would be Fernando Rodney. His reaction after he gets rescued is pretty funny too.

Fernando Rodney Has The Best Celebration In MLB

Fernando Rodney