After suffering a hamstring injury on Sunday, Jay Cutler will reportedly miss two weeks and maybe even more and on Friday the Chicago Bears made it official.

Here’s the play against the Arizona Cardinals in which Cutler injured his hamstring.

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Jimmy Clausen’s first start this season will come on the road against the 0-2 Seattle Seahawks. He played in four games last season with the Bears and 18 total in his career, with almost all of his starts coming with the Carolina Panthers.

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After the Bears play at Seattle, they come back and host the Oakland Raiders, who are 1-1 after coming back and beating the Baltimore Ravens this past Sunday.

Remember when USA Today predicted the Bears were going to be the worst team in the NFL? Well, that may not be that far off. By the way, Alshon Jeffery isn’t playing either.

And their best defensive player and next best wide receiver are also questionable.

The Seahawks are 22-2 at home since Russell Wilson became their starting quarterback. Sunday should be fun.

As for Cutler, what’s left to say. He finally looks good under Adam Gase and then throws a pick and gets hurt trying to make a tackle just like he did a few years back against the San Diego Chargers. As fans, you just can’t count on him.