Beating the Green Bay Packers on the field is top priority for the Chicago Bears moving forward, but nobody ever said there was something wrong with sticking it them on social media either.  Few have taken up that quest with greater zeal and success than Pro Bowl right guard Kyle Long.

For months Cheeseheads everywhere have tried to dish out any sort of insult they can think of at the 26-year old in hopes of getting a reaction.  The problem is Long is much smarter than they give him credit for, almost always have a particularly stinging remark cocked and loaded for reply.

That was just one of his rather scorching remarks to a recent hater.  It seems the message did not get across because soon after Long was attacked again, this time regarding his decision to roll into training camp practice with a sweet new ride.

Sure enough his decision attracted the attention of a Packer fan who thought he had the perfect line to describe the situation.

It didn’t take long for Kyle to point out that he was quite incorrect.

As if Bears fans needed any more reasons to love Kyle Long and what he’s becoming for the team, his one-man war against That Team Up North and their snooty fan base just keeps getting better.