This dude couldn’t handle his first beer at Fenway Park and puked on innocent fans below him prior to Wednesday’s game between the Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox.

What a dick move. It’s bad enough that your team sucks, now vomit is raining onto you from the upper deck. Another valuable lesson for Red Sox fans. Don’t even bother to show up to Fenway when the White Sox are in town because all you’re going to leave with is vomit on your head and maybe a smashed windshield.

The White Sox continue to kill every pitcher the Red Sox throw their way during this four-game series. Rick Porcello allowed two runs in the first, three more in the second and was charged with another run before he was finally lifted. The White Sox are leading 9-2 and are on the verge of winning their seventh straight game.

The Minnesota Twins, who have the second Wild Card spot in the American League, lost again on Wednesday. The White Sox keep making that climb back into the playoff picture.

Maybe this idiot realized the Red Sox were about to get embarrassed again and decided to pound some crappy Boston beers so he didn’t have to remember that he’s rooting for the worst team in the AL.