Oh, hey. The President is on Twitter. Wait, what? Yes, the President of the United States is now on Twitter and you can follow him @POTUS.

So, of course Barack Obama followed every Chicago sports team. That is, every Chicago sports team except for the Cubs.

As it’s known, the President is a big White Sox fan. He loves the Bears, supports the Blackhawks and you can find him at Bulls games when they visit the Washington Wizards. One team Obama doesn’t like is the Cubs. As a true, Cubs-hating, White Sox fan the President still has not followed the Cubs on Twitter and it doesn’t look like he will.

Meanwhile, the Cubs have noticed.

The President has always shown his love for the White Sox.

Of course there was that moment when Obama was interviewed and asked about his favorite White Sox players and he couldn’t really come up with an answer.

“You know uh ….. I … I thought that … uh …. you know, ” Obama stalled. ” … The truth is a lot of the Cubs I like too! But, uh … I did not become a Sox fan until I moved to Chicago. Because I uh …. I was growing up in Hawaii so I ended up actually being an Oakland A’s fan.”

He then called¬†Comiskey Park “Cominskey Park, ” so maybe he just likes the idea of being a White Sox fan and isn’t actually a White Sox fan.

Anyway, if we learned anything from today, it’s confirmed that the President does not like the Cubs.

Here’s a video of him ripping Cubs fans just like a true meatball White Sox fan.