VIDEO: Kyle Long Gives A Subtle Jab At Former Chicago Bears’ Coaches

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Almost everyone around the NFL questioned the Chicago Bears when then GM Phil Emery hired Marc Trestman of the Canadian Football League. Fans had never heard of him at the time and wish they had never seen him coach in Chicago.

Then, Mel Tucker was hired to be the defensive coordinator after accomplishing nothing with the Jacksonville Jaguars. As offensive coordinator, Aaron Kromer was brought in. His biggest contribution in Chicago was criticizing Jay Cutler and then apologizing for it.

Overall in two seasons, the Trestman-led Bears went 13-19 and in 2014 had one of the worst defenses in almost a century. It was a miserable season that fans had to put up with. It was embarrassing.

Now, with a respected coaching staff that includes head coach John Fox, defensive coordinator Vic Fangio and offensive coordinator Adam Gase, the future looks a lot brighter. There’s a new culture at Halas Hall and one Chicago Bears player has already seen the difference in such a short time.

Kyle Long’s Jab At Previous Coaching Staff

On Tuesday, Chicago Bears’ right guard Kyle Long went on the “Rich Eisen Show” and discussed several topics. There was a little draft talk, as Long shared his thoughts about his former Oregon teammate Marcus Mariota, they talked about Brandon Marshall and of course about Jay Cutler.

If you’re wondering, Long continues to support his quarterback.

“I think Jay is the guy for that job and Jay is the guy to get things turned around.”

Time will tell if Cutler really is the guy.

Eisen then asked Long the following.

Before I turn the page with you, why didn’t it work the last couple years in Chicago? If you could put a fine point on it.

After a cliche answer, Long took a subtle jab at his former coaches while praising his current ones.

“Well, obviously we need to score more points than the other team and defensively, we need to allow less points than we’re scoring. That’s the basics of it. If we can’t play defense, if we can’t play offense, or special teams, good things aren’t going to happen. I feel like we have the right people in the building now to achieve that. It’s been very evident to us the past few days here in our first two OTAs that it is a different culture here.

Man, it is almost like you don’t feel like — the guys that we’re playing for now are just older versions of us. They understand what we’re going through. They have empathy towards us. Yeah, we are going to be in the building but they know what having a family’s like when you’re playing. They know what having a girlfriend’s like or being single’s like for some guys.

I think they do a great job of balancing work and your life outside of football. Also, they’re football guys. They’re crazy about it. I’m in the weight room today and John Fox is hitting bicep curls next to me, talking smack, telling me to put weight on the bar. I think we got the right guys in the building.”

No doubt there was a disconnect between the players and the former coaching staff. Long keeps referring to the coaches who are present now and how they’re more relatable than the former coaches. There’s a new culture with the Bears and that alone should make fans happy. Now, we have to wait to see what the finished product will look on the field.

Here’s the new message on the door leading to Bears’ practice.

New message on door leading out to Bears practice field

You can listen to the entire interview below.

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