VIDEO: Chicago Fan Tricks Hooters Girls Into Kissing Him

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Who is the fastest Internet beer drinker? Quite possibly this guy from Gug Nation.

Apparently a Chicago fan rocking Bears, Bulls and White Sox gear in the video, he goes about winning kisses from Hooters girls by chugging his beer. The deal is… if he can chug his beer in less than 2 seconds then he gets a kiss, the actual time can vary. When the girls see his ridiculous chugging ability, they lean in to give him a kiss on the cheek, then he turns and wins a smooch on the lips. Simple as pie.

The actual impressive part is the 160 lb. mate chugging his beer like it’s the last thing he’ll ever drink. Everyone has that friend who can chug, but this guy seems to be on another level. This video isn’t new, but we figured we’d spread the word before he takes your money in a bar somewhere.

Check out the video.

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