The History Behind the Chicago Bears on Draft Day

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A week now stands between the Chicago Bears are the highest 1st round pick they’ve made in ten years at 7th overall.  It has led to rampant speculation about where GM Ryan Pace and head coach John Fox should focus.


Offensive Line

Wide Receiver


Every position group has been mentioned at some point over the past few months.  At the end of the day what matters is that the Bears give themselves the best possible odds to land a franchise player they can build around moving forward.  A great way to figure out where they should focus is looking at their entire history of picking in the 1st round and determining where they’ve had the most success/luck.

The results may do more than just surprise you.


  • Players Taken:  9
  • Hall of Famers:  2
  • Pro Bowlers:  6
  • Draft Busts:  3
Success Rate:  66%

Perhaps what skews this statistic is the fact that the two previous 1st round quarterbacks the Bears have chosen, Rex Grossman and Cade McNown turned out to be busts.  Before that?  They had a remarkable run of success at the position.

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