The Greatest Chicago Bears NFL Draft Pick At Every Position

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Mike Ditka, Richard Dent, Chicago Bears
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The NFL draft is approaching fast and the Chicago Bears are hoping to land the next great player or players to take the team to the top of the pro football mountain.  It makes one wonder about drafts past and who the best players were.  So in an effort to give a run through of past team success, here is a look at the top names selected by Chicago at every position.


Todd Sauerbrun

  • 889 punts
  • 39,208 yards
  • 44.1 yards per punt

Taking a punter in the 2nd round must mean the guy is pretty good.  The Bears caught a lot of flak at the time for doing that when they grabbed Todd Sauerbrun out of West Virginia.  After a tough start he rounded into form but unfortunately tore his ACL in 1998 just as he was really taking off.  The team didn’t re-sign him after 1999.  It’s too bad because he went on to three Pro Bowls and claimed All-Pro honors three times after he left.

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