The Chicago Bulls Had A Ridiculous Comeback Against Miami

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They were dead. Absolutely dead. I guess all the Chicago Bulls needed was a motivational speech from Nazr Mohammed to get back into the game, but it worked. That and the Miami Heat are trash.

Thursday’s game against the Heat started off well for the Bulls, as Derrick Rose played for the second straight night. He scored six quick points in the first quarter and Pau Gasol added another 10. Then it got bad in the second quarter. Really bad.

The Heat went on a 29-6 run before halftime, taking a 51-32 lead into the locker room. Michael Beasley was even having some fun at the Bulls’ expense.

Chicago scored 12 points in the second quarter, making only three field goals. It was hard to watch and also disappointing to see Rose launch jump shots. You can tell he’s still not completely comfortable with his body yet, but even that changed in the third quarter.

The Comeback

These are the words from the wise veteran that inspired the Bulls.

Really, that’s all it took? I guess Bulls’ fans will take it. The Bulls couldn’t miss to start the third quarter. It was ridiculous, especially after only making three shots in the previous quarter. Chicago finished the third 14-of-21 from the field. That’s stupid good.

Not only was Rose driving to the basket, while the rest of the offense was spectacular but Chicago’s defense was incredible too.

By the end of the night, the Bulls turned a 19-point deficit into an 89-78 win. Chicago completely dominated the second half, outscoring the Heat 57-27.

It was a good night all around, considering it could’ve been one of the worst losses of the year, and there have been some horrible losses by the Bulls this season. Gasol had another double-double, but most importantly Rose showed some signs of getting back to his old self starting in the third quarter.

He even dunked in the first half.

The Bulls are now 47-32 and are half a game ahead of the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference for the No. 3 seed. Not only was Thursday’s win good for their confidence, but the Bulls also avoided losing half a game from the Washington Wizards, who are the No. 5 seed. With three games left before the playoffs, Chicago is 1.5 games ahead of Washington and keeping home-court advantage is still important whether you think being the No. 3 or No. 4 seed is more beneficial for the Bulls.

Nonetheless, the try-hard Bulls were in full force Thursday night turning a miserable game into a great comeback win.

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