After a hard fought playoff victory you’d think a NHL team would want to blast some rock music or some up-tempo rap or techno music. Well, that isn’t the case with the 2014-15 Chicago Blackhawks.

You can faintly hear the song at the :44 mark of this video.

After a quick search here is the full song that the Blackhawks blast after getting a “W”.

It’s definitely upbeat but it’s more like a “chill” song. I guess the Blackhawks use it to unwind after a tough victory. Some of the Blackhawks don’t even realize it’s playing.

Old man Hossa that’s pretty hilarious.

The title of the song “Old Thing Back” is appropriate for the Blackhawks who are trying to reclaim their seat on the NHL throne. The song has been played in the locker room all season long after victories.

The person who picked the song is unclear, but it is widely known that Kris Versteeg is the resident DJ for the Blackhawks. Versteeg usually puts together the music you hear while the Blackhawks come out for their pregame skate, so it wouldn’t be surprising if #23 is the one behind this song.

It is nice to have a “new” song to associate with the Blackhawks. Don’t get me wrong, I still love hearing “Chelsea Dagger” multiple times DURING home games, but having something new to listen to during this playoff run isn’t going to hurt. It seems like people seem to like the new victory song.