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Brandon Marshall Featured in New Under Armour Commercial [VIDEO]

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Former Chicago Bears wide receiver, Brandon Marshall, signed on with Under Armour in 2014 and is currently being featured in their “Earn Your Armour” commercial campaign.

Brandon Marshall wearing Under Armour Nitro Icon Mid (2)

The Bears traded Marshall to the New York Jets this past offseason choosing to move in a new direction.

Marshall, a highly productive nine-year veteran receiver, believes he has great opportunity in New York with head coach Todd Bowles.

“I kind of knew about it before it all happened,” Marshall told Eric Allen on a phone call this morning. “It was pretty cool to be able to sit back and figure out who really wanted me and the right place for me. Being able to be in New York with Coach Bowles, I thought, was an amazing opportunity and one that I thought I couldn’t pass up.”

It’s all about the grind, the fight, and never giving up for B Marsh. Marshall makes a few interesting statements during the short two minute video, but none more telling than the statement about his mentality.

“The scouting report about is always he’s 6’5″, he’s 230. You know, uh, it’s all physical. But, uh, that’s the cover up I guess. You know because I’m gonna beat you all mentally.”

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