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WATCH: Newly Acquired Kimmo Timonen Receives Heartfelt Ovation in Return to Philadelphia

Kimmo Timonen, Philadelphia Flyers, Salute, Chicago Blackhawks

Philadelphia is not an easy town to win over as professional athlete trying to make a living by playing for one of their beloved franchises; however, the newly acquired Chicago Blackhawks defenseman, Kimmo Timonen, is not your every day player just passing through.

Timonen spent the better part of seven years as part of the Flyers organization, playing in 519 games and racking up 270 points along the way. Despite the fact he missed the majority of the season while recovering from severe blood clots, which were discovered this summer, Kimmo spent much of his time with the team prior to requesting a trade.

The Flyers obliged, shipping him off to Chicago and giving the 40-year-old one last shot at a Stanley Cup.

If you questioned Philadelphia’s love for Timonen, which you really shouldn’t have, the following should change your mind.

Halfway through the first period, the team played a video tribute full of some of his best highlights with the club. Flyers fans stood and cheered through almost the entire video, as this marked the first time they were able to see him on the ice since last year’s playoffs.

Well done Philly, you got this one right. This just goes to show you just how much he meant to the fans, even if he was donning a Blackhawks sweater.

Flyers Faithful Salute Timonen with “Kimmo” Chants

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