Some Chicago Bears Fans Apparently Hate Lance Briggs

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After 12 seasons and seven Pro Bowls, you’d think Chicago Bears fans would adore Lance Briggs but that’s not the case. A recent rumor indicates that the San Francisco 49ers are interested in signing the veteran, and Chicago fans think they’re idiots. Why you ask?

Here’s some tweets that tell the story:

Ok, so most think he’s a quitter, gave up on his team and cared more about his restaurant than playing football. Is that accurate?

Well, now you can add on that he fakes injuries, has bad shoulders and doesn’t have a full season left in him.

What else?

As you can see, the opinions on Lance Briggs seem to be somewhat consistent. Most people think he gave up on his team, cares more about his restaurant and fake injuries at some point in his career.

Surprised nobody mentioned how he avoided a DUI by just leaving the scene of an accident back in 2007.

Or how he threatened a season-long holdout back in 2007 as well, then denied it.

“There are a lot of things that were written and said, some things that apparently I said that didn’t come out of my mouth in the offseason,” Briggs said.

In any case, Briggs was a solid player on the field and performed at an elite level for years. Sad to see his legacy defined like this, but then again it’s nobody else’s fault.

Who wants to go to the Double Nickel? We’ll just skip practice.

Bear down.

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