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Power Ranking The Chicago Bears NFL Draft Needs

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Jordan Mills, Lamarr Houston, Chicago Bears
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Free agency continues and with it so do the fluctuating roster needs for the Chicago Bears in the NFL draft this April.  Now not every teams goes in expecting to select players based purely on need but by assessing where the biggest holes are to fill it will help create a template for how GM Ryan Pace and head coach John Fox plan to attack the most important part of the 2015 off-season.

With that in mind here is the power rankings of the Bears biggest draft needs.

#10 – Wide Receiver


Alshon Jeffery and Eddie Royal should make for a very productive combination given how well their skill sets mesh with each other.  The big, possession receiver in Jeffery and the quick, speedy type in Royal.  Losing Brandon Marshall hurts but this draft class is deep at the position so the Bears should be able to find some quality help in the mid rounds if they wished unless one of the top options were to fall to them on Day 1.

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