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Chicago Bears Rumors Indicate Front Office Wants To Move Jay Cutler

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Twitter has been going crazy with rumors and speculation since the teams starting working out “deals in principle” with the free agents. The new NFL year officially starts tomorrow, therefore the teams will have to wait until Tuesday to officially sign anyone. However, with rumors and speculation comes some revealing truth about who the teams are targeting and where they are trying to position themselves.

It’s clear the Chicago Bears are after an outside linebacker, nose tackle and most recently a quarterback. Fans have speculated whether or not the new regime would want to move Jay Cutler, and it appears that question has been answered. For the doubters out there, keep in mind that the Bears cannot officially say any of this. The reason is because if the Bears fail to trade Cutler, he will be the quarterback of this team next season. You cannot openly admit you want to dump him, unless you plan on cutting him otherwise. Even if that was the case, the Bears still wouldn’t admit it because it would kill his trade value.

That being said, the re-signing of Jimmy Clausen appears to assure John Fox his backup for 2015. The other rumblings are seemingly revealing Chicago’s hand on Cutler.

Here’s a few things that indicate Chicago is trying to move Cutler.

  • Brad Biggs reported that the Titans were the only serious trade partner for Chicago. He reported that because the Bears were looking into it.
  • While the biggest free agent names are flying around Twitter yesterday, the Chicago Bears get linked to veteran quarterback Shaun Hill and re-sign Jimmy Clausen. Presumably, this would be to compete for the #2 quarterback position, but with all the holes Chicago has, why would they worry about a #3 quarterback so early in the game? Seems like the Bears are stacking pieces to replace Jay.
  • Then the final piece to the puzzle, Chicago was linked to Colin Kaepernick. Even though these reports were reported as “false”, most likely because they didn’t get done, this is very interesting. The reason is because Chicago was allegedly willing to move Cutler for a contract that is almost equivalent to his. Most thought Chicago would be looking to shed Cutler’s huge contract, and the speculation linked to San Francisco proved Chicago wants him gone.

Again, this is speculation created off the most recent rumors reported by NFL insiders. When you piece it together though, you can clearly see Chicago is working to move Cutler. They would NEVER admit that because there is a strong possibility they won’t succeed and he will be the quarterback of the Bears heading into 2015.

Bear down.

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