A Trade Proposal for the Cubs to Get Hamels

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The Chicago Cubs have made numerous high quality moves this year, but they have yet to make that blockbuster trade. They have made some nice moves, but there is still one more out there, and it’s to trade for Cole Hamels.

In order to get something, you’ve got to be willing to give something. Theo and company are well aware of that, but just how much is too much? That’s the question.

The Phillies

The Phillies have made it clear to the league that they are in rebuilding mode. They are shedding salary, getting younger, and taking prospects for established major league talent.

The Phillies are also a team that needs nearly everything. Each part of their roster is in need of an upgrade and/or depth. They have made it perfectly clear that Hamels is available for trade.

Last season, the Cubs made it clear they are interested in Hamels by putting in a waiver claim. It’s time to get a deal done.

Here’s the deal: 5-for-1.

The Proposal

  1. Travis Wood: This essentially is the piece that replaces Hamels. By adding a lefty, it only makes sense to move a lefty
  2. Wellington Castillo: The Phillies current catcher is Carlos Ruiz. Castillo would give the Phillies a younger more athletic option, and allow them to flip Ruiz.
  3. Javier Baez: You have to give up something to get something. The Cubs went out to get Addison Russell. I would rather see him in the infield than Baez.
  4. Felix Doubront: He gives the Phillies a bullpen or starter arm, and the Cubs have several fifth starter, swing man options who can fill this role.
  5. ‘A Ball’ Prospect: Let the Phillies pick the prospect. This is why you draft well, and this is where you trust your scouts to replace whomever you lose.

EP-140808719Baez last season .169/.227/.324

 The Kicker

Here is the kicker. Take Chase Utley too. The Phillies want to move him, and the Cubs do not have a true second baseman on their roster right now. This will give them time to develop someone to fill that spot. Utley gives the Cubs another left-handed bat, and he may have enough pop left to be another run producer. The Cubs want to win now, so this trade makes sense to me.

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