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7 Signs John Fox Is Right For The Chicago Bears

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John Fox Chicago Bears Head Coach
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A lot of people wondered why Ryan Pace, so short into his stint as the new general manager of the Chicago Bears didn’t at least do a little more exploring instead of swiftly making a deal with former Broncos head coach John Fox as soon as he became available a few months ago.

Rex Ryan admitted during an interview that he was surprised the Bears never even called him, especially since his father was such a huge part of the teams’ history.

After letting the dust settle for a bit and the picture begin to unfold it’s becoming clear that Fox was indeed the right man, in the right place at the right time for this franchise.  There are plenty of reasons to believe so, but here are seven good ones to chew on.

Winning Experience

At the age of 60, Fox has been a head coach in the NFL now for 13 years.  People don’t understand how hard that is to do.  Many prominent names have tried their hand at the job over the years and fizzled after a short stint including the great Nick Saban.  Fox must be pretty good at what he does, having overseen two different franchises for at least four seasons and making the playoffs with both of them.  That speaks to consistency and consistency speaks to talent.  He may be older than ideal for some people, but that doesn’t mean Fox is any less capable of doing what he’s done for over a decade, which is win.

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