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5 Players The Chicago Bears Could Still Ship Out

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New GM Ryan Pace knows what key fact going into the 2015 NFL draft.  He only has six picks.  For a guy who is trying to rebuild a roster, that isn’t a number one wants to hear.  So what is the best way to fix it?


Obviously the easiest way is attempting to move back in the draft itself, dropping down in the order for extra picks, allowing other teams to move up.  Based on lessons he learned under Mickey Loomis is New Orleans though, don’t expect Pace to go that route.

The only other way at that point is trading players.  Loomis did plenty of that in his career and has done it often in 2015 with names like Jimmy Graham, Ben Grubbs and Kenny Stills.

Pace already has one under his belt with Brandon Marshall.  It’s not a huge stretch to think he might have others planned if the situation is right.  The only question is who are the most logical options to be on the block?

Here are five names to watch.

Jared Allen


He didn’t have the sacks he usually does, but Jared Allen was still pretty disruptive last season despite a battle with pneumonia that left him several pounds lighter and clearly weaker than usual.  His experience is a plus and at age 32 there is reason to believe that he has one or two good years left.  The problem is his athletic limitations make him a bad fit at outside line backer in the Bears’ new 3-4 defense and his lack of size means he isn’t a good end either.

Hence the trade idea.  Teams are always looking for pass rush help.

For those worried that his contract ($12.5 million) in 2015, understand that $11.5 million of that is roster bonus, which was already paid by Chicago.  So if he were traded, the receiving team would only get a $1 million salary cap hit.  Chump change considering the possible return.

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