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VIDEO: Jonathan Toews Voices His Frustration After ‘Comfortable’ Loss

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Chicago Blackhawks fans weren’t the only people frustrated with the way the team played during a 4-1 loss to the Colorado Avalanche. The Captain, Jonathan Toews, didn’t mix words after the game when he talked to the media.

A Frustrated Captain

It’s always refreshing to hear a leader of a team actually sound like he gives a crap when his team is underperforming.

The Blackhawks are locked into a playoff spot while the Avalanche are currently on the outside looking in. This usually means one team plays hungry while one team plays not to get hurt. This was definitely the case when the aforementioned two teams met in Chicago.

Toews talked to the Chicago Sun-Times after the game.

“Not to blow any smoke in our favor, but it’s what we expect,” said Toews

“Especially when we’re playing a division team that’s chasing a playoff spot, that’s on its last legs and has to win to survive. We’re in that position, too. We’ve got to think much the same. I don’t know why we’re so comfortable playing a team like that.”

Same Old Story For The Blackhawks

We’ve talked before about how the Blackhawks tend to go into a lull around this time of the year. Just because it is a pattern doesn’t make it any easier for the fans to swallow.

The Blackhawks D looked horrible again last night and surprise surprise it was a Blackhawks defenseman who should have gotten the primary assist on the Colorado’s first goal.

At least it was a crispy pass…..just to the wrong team.

So, combine that with Crawford embarrassing himself, a horrible interference call on Hammer, and a horrific third period, it was no surprised #19 was confused and upset.

Hopefully the Blackhawks take out their frustrations on the Boston Bruins on Sunday.

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