People were left wondering what Brandon Marshall was doing at the Super Bowl.  He was caught on camera talking to Roger Goodell and a snapshot picture was taken of him laughing it up with Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh before the game.

Harbaugh and Marshall

Most might want to play it off as just two football guys having a good time at the Super Bowl, but now it seems there was a much deeper reasoning behind that meeting.  Apparently Marshall was interviewing Harbaugh for ‘Inside The NFL’ and got around to asking a very provocative question.

“(During Super Bowl Week) I actually interviewed (Baltimore coach John Harbaugh).  I said, ‘If I played for you, would you let me do ‘Inside the NFL?’ He said, ‘Oh, absolutely.’ He knew I was taking a lot of heat for doing the show.”

At first it might be played off as a casual joke, but there are reasons to take it seriously.  For one, Marshall wants to continue doing the show, having enjoyed it this past year.  The Ravens are a seasoned team who can offer him something he’s never had in his career, which is an appearance in the playoffs.  On top of that they have needs at wide receiver and just recently hired former Bears head coach Marc Trestman as their offensive coordinator, whom Marshall remains quite fond of.

The arguments persist that the Bears intend to cut Brandon Marshall while others insist that isn’t happening.  Here is the reality.  If they do cut him, they could save upwards of $7 million in cash, but would also lose a key contributor in their passing game.

Marshall is due a base salary of $7.5 million for this coming season and according to language in the contract, it becomes fully guaranteed if he’s on the roster on the third day of the league year — March 12. That gives the team a five-week window to move on if it desires.

The extension former general manager Phil Emery gave him paid Marshall $15 million in 2014. The contract includes a $200, 000 workout bonus for this coming season meaning the Bears can save $7.7 million in cash if they release him. — Bears Insider Brad Biggs

As for the Baltimore Ravens, their best hope to land Marshall would be via a trade since the Bears have need for more draft picks.  Until such rumors begin to surface, Marshall may be left wanting on that front, at least for 2015.