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Every Chicago Bears Mock Draft Pick So Far

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Fans are hearing a lot of names getting thrown around and targets for the Chicago Bears in the upcoming NFL draft, most of them via the ever popular mock drafts.  The hard part is sorting out who is who and why they are even connected to the Bears in the first place.  So here is an overview of every name that has been mentioned on a frequent basis via the mock drafts thus far for Chicago, who they are, what they can do and how they fit.

Danny Shelton (DT, Washington)

“The Bears need to address the defense, and Shelton would be a great fit in Vic Fangio’s scheme. He is a dominating run defender and has the ability to push the pocket in the passing game.”

One of the biggest keys to a 3-4 defense functioning properly is having a giant defensive tackle in the middle who has the size, power and quickness to shut down running lanes and forcing teams to double team him, thus free up the pass rushers on the outside.  That is clearly why Shelton is projected in so many mocks to the Bears at #7.

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