Chicago Cubs Anthony Rizzo Featured In This Awesome New Video

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Rizzo Featured In Awesome

Majestic Athletics has recently surpassed their 10,000,000th jersey sale, and to commemorate this feat they have enlisted the Chicago Cubs, Anthony Rizzo, for a special event.

Not only is Rizzo featured in this awesome new video, fans can also win 2 jersey’s signed by the Cubs all-star as well.

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Majestic has been a partner of MLB since the 1982 season in which they supplied selective teams with batting practice jerseys. They signed their first official contract with MLB in 1984, and became the sole proprietor of baseball jersey’s for all 30 MLB teams in 2005. It is safe to say, if you’ve owned a baseball jersey, you’ve owned a Majestic.

Rizzo Featured In Awesome


Maybe after Rizzo is done pelting Sheffield and Addison with balls, he has a new career with the Chicago Fire Department?

“This gear isn’t light guys!” Anthony Rizzo

Ehh… maybe he should stick with his day job. I’m sure Cubs fans are fine with that for now.


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