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20 Things That Scream “I’m a Chicago White Sox Fan”

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The City of Chicago is extremely rich in its baseball history having two professional baseball teams to cheer for; however, if you grew up on either the north or south side of town, your perceptions vary greatly and there can be only one team to root for at the end of the day.

It’s not to say you won’t find Chicago Cubs fans on the south side of town, but there is a pretty clear distinction, and quite a few stereotypes, that distinguish a White Sox fan over that of a Cubs fan.

To start, let’s take a look at how the north and south is divided by a pocket of black in a sea of blue. There’s no getting around the fact the Cubs have a larger fan base which is due to a plethora of reasons, hinging upon the fact that their games have been nationally televised on WGN since the late 1970s.

Know Your Boundaries

A Map of Baseball Nation provided by TheUpshot.

Now that we are familiar with our surroundings, let’s dive right in.

20 Things That Scream “I’m a White Sox Fan”

1. You Treat Opening Day as a National Holiday, Rightfully So

In your eyes, Opening Day is a day that is immediately circled on your calendar and treated as a national holiday. Meaning, you either burn a vacation day or come down with a ‘severe cough’ the night before.

Side note: Opening Day can lead to a wicked case of the ‘Irish flu’ if done right, leaving you unable to attend work the following day as well. Shucks.

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