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The 1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl Rings Were Amazingly Detailed

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While the thoughts linger on about the fact that the Chicago Bears will be approaching 30 years without a championship when the 2015 season opens, memories continue to remain strong about that fabled 1985 team.  It’s understandable given some of the things they accomplished.

  • Only team during a 16-game seasons to score more than 400 points and surrender less than 200.
  • Led the NFL in rushing, spearheaded by Walter Payton who had 1,551 yards and averaged 4.8 per carry.
  • Jim McMahon and the quarterbacks led the NFC in yards per completion.
  • Of the 19 games they played, the Bears were outgained in yardage once.
  • The defense forced 54 turnovers, the fifth-highest mark ever.
  • Played in the highest rated Monday Night Football game of all time against the Miami Dolphins.
  • Nine players on that team were homegrown 1st round draft picks.  Five of them were Pro Bowlers.
  • They remain the only team to ever pitch back-to-back shutouts in the playoffs (21-0 over Giants and 24-0 over Rams).

The list could go one but the point is clear enough.  That team was a juggernaut nobody could match for a single season.  However, what not many have ever covered about that season is how incredibly intricate and detailed their Super Bowl championship rings were.  Check out this description of it via Hoffco, Inc.

“The 1985 edition to the NFL’s crown jewels (a.k.a. Super Bowl rings) is as impressive as the victory that earned it. The 10-karat yellow gold rings, commemorating the Chicago Bears’ 46-10 win in Super Bowl XX, each sport 40 diamonds, including a half-carat diamond in the center surrounded by 13 smaller diamonds in the shape of the Chicago “C.” One shank of each ring is personalized with the player’s name. This shank also has a Bears helmet; the numbers “18-1″ (the team’s final 1985 record); the letters “GSH” (the initials of late Bears owner, coach, and player George S. Halas); and the word “Attitude.” The other shank of the ring features the score of Super Bowl XX and replicas of the Super Bowl XX emblem, the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy, and the NFC Championship Trophy.”

Certainly more recent rings have more diamonds and other fancy additions, but it’s hard to imagine they could cram as much detail into them as the Chicago Bears did.  If that weren’t enough, there is one more record that 1985 team holds over everybody.  William “Refrigerator” Perry holds the NFL record for largest Super Bowl ring ever made at a size 23.

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