Julius Peppers Now Sharing Blame For Green Bay’s Loss

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As the Seattle Seahawks celebrated their miraculous victory in Sunday’s NFC Championship game, Green Bay fans were sending death threats to Brandon Bostick on Twitter for fumbling the onside kick. New evidence suggests they might want to blame Julius Peppers as well.

Remember when Morgan Burnett caught Russell Wilson’s fourth interception with 5:04 left on the clock? The turnover gave Green Bay the ball with a 19-7 lead in the winding minutes of the ball game. They appeared to have secured the victory, so Burnett slid to the ground.

Green Bay would go three and out in the next series and the rest is history.

There’s only one problem …..

Check out this photo.

packers open field
(via Nicholas Shoemaker)


Burnett had at least 20-30 yards of running room down the sideline. He’s 15 yards away from the nearest Seahawks player. The only Seattle players in front of him are the five offensive linemen and quarterback Russell Wilson.

Had Burnett crossed mid-field and got to the 35 yard line, Green Bay’s offense would have only needed a few yards to put them in field goal range. This would have prevented Wilson’s insane comeback and the Green Bay Packers would be in the 2015 Super Bowl.

Burnett was recently quoted saying ‘I don’t take anything back that I did.’

Shouldn’t he feel some remorse for falling to the ground when he could have sealed the game for the Packers?

No, he shouldn’t.


Because he was listening one of the most experienced players on the team, Julius Peppers.

julius peppers stop

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