Derrick Rose’s Latest Comments Indicate He’s Furious


Derrick Rose isn’t known as the most articulate player on the Bulls’ roster, but he sure as hell articulated something last night.

After the Bulls’ sixth loss in eight games Derrick Rose told reporters he was not only unhappy, but “f—king irritated.”

Don’t look now, but the quietest of the bunch is all of a sudden the loudest. Seems to be a microcosm of the Bulls’ past eight games — quiet and frustrated.

Well known for his soft spoken nature, and more recently his “soft” mentality regarding his health in the future; Rose apparently forgot how frustrated all of Chicago was when he said he was more worried about “attending his kid’s graduation” than playing right now. Which is what makes it so ironic that he calls out his teammates, despite their unwavering support in the midst of two plus years of scrutiny under the recovery microscope.

It should be noted that Rose didn’t call out one single player, but the whole team.

In the past Rose has mostly kept to himself in terms of frustration, the team’s emotional defacto voice is obviously Joakim Noah. However, with Noah sitting so much this year it seems the former MVP they call “Pooh” has assumed that role despite missing significant time himself.

Just two weeks ago this squad was being heralded as not only the best in the East, but the best period. Now they can’t hold teams under 100 points. Are the Bulls finally growing tired of Thibodeau’s harsh demands and coaching style?

Rose does have a point, he should be frustrated. Everyone should be frustrated. Chicago is just playing downright lazy. Although his intentions are good, Rose may want to consider choosing his words more carefully.