Any time an athlete suffers a major injury there is typically a noticeable “before-and-after” difference in their game, as they struggle to “get their groove back” upon returning. Some unfortunately have failed to ever find that groove again, which of course happens all too often in professional sports.

In the case of Derrick Rose, it’s miraculous that after two significant knee injuries he has continued to display the trademark explosiveness that catapulted him to being named the NBA’s youngest MVP in 2011. Rose most recently displayed those signs of returning to his old self in a compelling 113-111 victory over the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night.

As many headlines have read since, the numbers Rose put up don’t even begin to tell the whole story. Granted, he put up 30 points and seven rebounds, but he also had 11 turnovers and only one assist. Marking the first time in NBA history a player has scored 30 or more points, 10 or more turnovers, and one or fewer assists in a single contest. The silver lining is that Rose was (A) at times very explosive and (B) displayed the “I got this” assassin’s creed, hitting the game winning shot in overtime with zero hesitation.

With that being said, there have obviously been growing pains during the second return of Rose, and the before and after numbers prove that.

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Here we’ll take a look at the 3 best games of Derrick Rose’s career before, and after injury. For the sake of consistency, only regular season games will be included since Rose hasn’t participated in a playoff game since returning full time.

Before Injury

December 4, 2010- Buzzer Beater

On this night versus Houston, Derrick Rose showed he was a force to be reckoned with– hitting a 26 foot jumper in the waning seconds of regulation to force overtime. Chicago would end up winning that game 119-116.

Rose finished with 30 points, seven rebounds, 11 assists, five steals, and one block, in one of his most well rounded games to date.

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