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Watch the Chicago Bulls’ Reactions to Kids’ Art Tribute: Priceless

Kid’s Day at the United Center on Sunday introduced an interesting, yet very entertaining, new idea. Commission young second and third grade fans to use their artistic skills to depict their favorite Chicago Bulls.

It was called “Kid Picasso” and the results were apropos to say the least. Pablo Picasso himself would be hard pressed to come up with anything as abstract as these youngsters achieved. Given that, the players’ reactions to the depictions are priceless.

Let’s take a look.

As for me, guesses were as follows:

  1. Taj Gibson (Because of the bald head)
  2. Kirk Hinrich (Because of the crooked nose)
  3. Doug McDermott (Simply a wild guess)

If you haven’t seen this yet, make your own guesses and enjoy. That’s what make this a lot of fun.

Fellow Sports Mockery columnist and colleague, Joey Korman, was adamant the third picture was of Andres Nocioni, which in hindsight makes quite a bit of sense as far as sense goes with something like this. Because truthfully, trying to guess these drawings accurately is pretty much a fool’s errand.

Ironically, the only two players to guess correctly guessed themselves. Just goes to show you — when you know, you know.

Good Luck.

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