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The Jay Cutler Trade Everyone Is Talking About, Too Good To Be True?

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Jay Cutler Trade

As everyone continues to ponder what’s in store for Jay Cutler’s future, there’s a huge trade rumor floating out there that might be too good to be true for Bears fans. As Sports Mockery previously reported, the ties between Cutler and the Tennessee Titans run deep … deep enough to keep speculation alive until an announcement on Jay’s future is made.

Recently, Twitter has been talking about the possibility of Chicago offering up Cutler to Tennessee in an effort to exchange draft picks. This is the speculated move:

Chicago gives up Jay Cutler and the #7 overall pick in 2015.

Tennessee gives up the #2 overall pick in 2015.

Why It Could Work

The first thing everyone will say, why would Tennessee do this? Well, they have a ton of holes to fill and can’t do it all in free agency. If they can get a veteran quarterback like Cutler for a discounted salary and only have to drop 5 spots in the draft, it would essentially allow them to “kill two birds with one stone.” In addition, if they did draft a QB like Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston at #2, they wouldn’t get any type of impact on the offensive or defensive line. Paying for those assets in free agency is very expensive.

The Titans have some major issues to work on this off-season after they finished 2-14 last year. The biggest needs for the Titans are at quarterback and pass rusher. It’s clear they need a leader in Nashville. Cutler has a long list of reasons why Tennessee is a good fit for him, but for the Titans it could come down to price. Cutler is guaranteed $15.5 million next year no matter what, but the Titans may be able to get him for closer to $8-$9 leaving Chicago to pay the difference. This would assure the Titans a quarterback in the short term (possibly long term), then they could draft a pass rusher, offensive lineman, receiver or cornerback at #7.

Tennessee Titans

2014 record: 2-14
Top three needs: QB, pass rusher, CB

Titans were 27th in overall defense and 29th on offense, they need a ton of help. They finished without a 1,000-yard rusher for the first time since 2005.

Listen to this description of Ken Whisenhunt’s offense:

“His offense demands arm strength and accuracy from QBs; it’s a must. Whisenhunt likes to operate a quick-rhythm, timing offense.”

Sounds like Cutler could fit this mold, probably needs to work on the timing and accuracy aspect.

Why Chicago Would Do It

It would allow the Bears to get rid of a large portion of Cutler’s contract while getting building blocks for the future. Even if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took Marcus Mariota at #1 overall, Chicago (at #2) would have their highest pick since taking Bob Fenimore first overall in 1947.

Again, this is speculation but seems to make a lot of sense for both sides … all depending on the Titans’ faith in Cutler. Chicago could easily keep him for one more season, then ditch him after the guaranteed money goes down.

“Unfortunately for the Bears, there’s not much they can do for relief at this point. Cutler is owed a base salary of $15.5 million for next season, and if the Bears were to cut him in the offseason, they would be stuck with nearly $20 million in dead salary cap space. That number goes down drastically in the 2016 season to just $3 million.”

The deal could also play out in other ways, with other picks involved. Obviously a trade scenario like this would be reaching for the stars, but the idea of Cutler to the Titans is much more realistic.

“Regardless of which team could be interested, it still seems like a long shot that the Bears could get rid of Cutler, but there’s probably a large chunk of Bears fandom that wouldn’t mind seeing him hit the old dusty trail.” (NBC)

NBC has no faith.

Remember when Eric Ferguson (from 101.9 The Mix) said it was a done deal?

We’ll see.

Bear down.

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