VIDEO: Chicago Bears Fans Now Burning Tickets, Along With Cutler Jerseys

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Chicago Bears Fans Burning Tickets

How many of you thought it was the greatest thing in the world when Chicago Bears fans everywhere watched in awe and wonder when some diehards decided to send a loud and clear message to the McCaskey family and their inept lackeys that they weren’t happy by burning their Jay Cutler jerseys.  It proved to be a viral sensation, for whatever that is worth.

Apparently that wasn’t a “strong” enough message for one guy.  He took the pyromania to another level when he substituted a jersey for his Bears tickets.

That’s right, this guy, with “Bear Down, Chicago Bears” playing in the background no less, basically torched hundreds of dollars with one flick of the lighter.  First of all, it’s okay to admire his conviction.  Religious people might call him a fanatic.  However, lets admit one thing.  It was kind of a dick move.

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Does he realize how many people would’ve killed to have those tickets but never could’ve afforded them?  There are so many different, creative ways he could have sent an equally loud “Fuck You” to the team.

  • Leave them in the cup of a homeless person
  • Use them as a tip to a waiter or waitress
  • Offer them to a friend along with $20 as a sweetener
  • Trade them for Blackhawks or Bulls tickets
  • Mail them as a Christmas gift to a Packers fan

The message would be just as powerful.  Nope.  Instead he decides to torch them, depriving himself and anybody else of the deceptively rare and unique experience of seeing a Bears game, no matter how crappy they might be.

Bravo, dude.

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