VIDEO: "Is there any way out of Jay Cutler's Contract?" Here's the way out.

Jay Cutler Contract

According to a recent video posted by Yahoo! Sports, insider and former GM Charley Casserly said that he would not be surprised to see Jay Cutler traded this off-season. Casserly said that the Chicago Bears will owe Jay Cutler the offsetting salary if he is signed by another team. Therefore, if the Bears were to cut/trade Cutler, they would only be required to pay him the difference between his new salary and his current salary ($15.5 million guaranteed next year). Very similar to when the Chicago Bulls amnestied Carlos Boozer.

Cutler will still be paid his guaranteed money no matter what happens, but this might force the McCaskey’s to think twice next time they offer somebody $100 million.

Casserly sees the Washington Redskins as a potential trade partner, and he is convinced it’s likely. Check out the video.

Here’s the way out for the future, according to Casserly.


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