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The beast will be slayed, the clouds will part, sunshine will transcend from the horizon. Life as you remember it will soon return to its prosperous form as the dawn is nearing.

Breathe a sweet sigh of relief, people.

It’s almost over.

Anyway, lets make a sacrificial ritual out of this list of the most embarrassing, yet defining, moments of the 2014 Chicago Bears season.

There is no reason to hold grudges any longer. Take this season for what it was worth, a hysterically memorable clusterf*ck of epic proportions that will go down in history as one of the most unforgettable Bears seasons ever.

Memorable for certainly all the wrong reasons but unforgettable nonetheless. For some of us with normal senses of humor, that is the next best thing we can ask for: A season that has kept our interest every step of the way with no dull moments or tedious story lines boring us to sleep.

Each week presents us with something new, fresh and discussion worthy.

So grab a beer, put a smile on your face and take a trip down a memory lane that is littered in dog crap because we’re going to revisit the five most embarrassing moments of the 2014 Chicago Bears season.

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