Jay Cutler Runs the Best Two-Minute Drill of the Year During Post Game Press Conference

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Jay Cutler

The Chicago local media appeared to have been tied up conducting post game interviews in the locker room when Jay Cutler, coming off yet another lackluster performance, decided to meet his media obligation.

Cutler sat down and answered a few question from ESPN’s Mike Sando, one of the few reporters present at the time, with a series snarky responses prior to high-tailing it out of there.

At this point, who can even blame him? He knows, more than any of us, just how bad things are shaping up for him here in Chicago and it was best for everyone involved that he head for the exit.

According to Pro Football Talk, Cutler got to the podium earlier than expected.

“We’ve got to play better and take a look at the film and try to see exactly what slowed us down,” Cutler said. “They had a good plan. They had a good plan. They mixed it up pretty well against us. They showed us a few new things. They knew what they were doing. … just trying to get better for these two games and just going out and trying to give a good performance offensively.”

That took about 30 seconds, at which point Cutler was informed that the rest of the media were on their way into the room. With a somewhat surprised look, Cutler asked if they were going to wait before getting up.

Cutler’s best two-minute drill of the year actually came during the post game press conference, go figure.

If you’re interested, here’s the interview in it’s entirety.

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