Erin Andrews vs. 12 yr Old Who Has Seen Her Naked

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Check out this throwback video from 2011, when Erin Andrews confronts a 12 yr. old kid in the crowd for yelling about her “video.” Of course, the kid is referring to the peephole incident that landed a stalker in jail for 27 months. However, some people insist it was setup … some think that the way she acted in front of the camera insinuated she knew she was being filmed. Others have commented on the fact that you can see her naked, but not quite.

A little kids asks for Erin Andrews autograph. She declines. So the 12yr old says, “Fine, im gunna go home and watch your video!” haha great stuff.. She rebuttles, asks him what he said, and (after he denies saying it) tells him next time if hes man enough to say it he should own it. lol

Here are the peephole photos if you haven’t seen them, what do you think?

Notice she looks right at the camera. We’re not saying it’s setup, others are.

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