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  VIRAL – As the Chicago Bears watched another game slip by them, there was still a fourth quarter to play in Thursday Night’s game against Dallas. Dez Bryant was criticized heavily for what the cameras caught him yelling on the sidelines.

Don’t Give A F*ck

Bryant was seen screaming on the sidelines in the fourth quarter, when the Bears turned a 25-point deficit into a 10-point game with just more than six minutes remaining. On the television broadcast, it looked bad. But Bryant’s passion sometimes can be misconstrued as the fiery competitor he is. Or so he says?

Bryant was obviously fired up, the Cowboys have nine wins and everyone can start celebrating an early playoff exit now. Romo’s back is still banged up from his time with Jessica Simpson, and Demarco Murray will have 2,000 carries by the time the Super Bowl gets here …. provided the Cowboys play that long.

It’s understandable when players get fired up on the sidelines, but it’s not a surprise that Dez Bryant lacks the class neccesary to carry himself like a professional. I’m sure he’s aware of the amount of children that attend NFL games, “but who gives a f*ck?”

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