[icon name=icon-star] BEST – Jay Cutler has been the center of almost every single Chicago Bears conversation since he got paid $54 million guaranteed; some defend him and some don’t. Opinionated responses to the Cutler quandary can become exhausting, why not check to see what his overall grades are?

Pro Football Focus Grading

Pro Football Focus (PFF) has quickly become one of the most dependable websites for researching NFL player performance. They have an intricate grading system that judges a player based on each play individually, not their overall stats or team record.

The goal of our detailed grading process is to gauge how players execute their roles over the course of a game by looking at the performance of each individual on each play.

Jay Cutler’s Individual Performance

After reading how PFF grades players, how do you think Cutler has done in 2014?

“Moving forward, there’s definitely gonna be people saying that this was the wrong move. That’s fine. That’s their opinion, ” Cutler said after signing his new contract.

One of the most problematic parts of the Cutler debate among fans is the lack of factual information. This is an objective result based on PFF’s grading system. Nobody is “hating” on Cutler or ignoring Chicago’s catastrophic defensive failure this season.

Cutler Grades

  • Passing: -14.9
  • Rush: 0.5
  • Overall: -14.1

Without knowing exactly what a -14.1 means, let me put it in perspective for you. When ranking each quarterback’s performance for the 2014 season, PFF ranks Cutler 33rd overall. That ranks him below Josh McCown, Kyle Orton and damn near every single other starting quarterback in the league … with the exception of Derek Carr, Geno Smith and Brian Hoyer.

Jay Cutler 2014 Season Stats

According to PFF, Cutler’s only “good” game this season was against Atlanta. Almost every single other game resulted in a negative overall score, with the exception of one 0.8. To understand what that comparison means … Ryan Fitzpatrick is the 10th ranked QB overall, he’s only had three games with a negative score. Cutler’s only had TWO games with a positive score.

The Debate Is Over

Did you know that Cutler is the HIGHEST PAID player in the NFL in 2014? Yet, he ranks as the 33rd best quarterback. Even if you think Cutler is “good” it’s clear to everyone he’s not “great, ” yet he’s being paid to be. He’s getting paid like an elite quarterback, yet he’s won ONE playoff game in his NINE seasons.

“There is a serious “frustration” with the way Cutler has played this season, and, according to Rapoport, the team considered benching him during his dismal showing versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers three weeks ago. However, the Bears didn’t, mainly because Jimmy Clausen is the backup.” – NFL.com

“Mike Greenberg, from ESPN, indicated he thinks the Bears are best served attempting to trade Cutler. The basis of his argument was the fact that Jay has one playoff victory in five seasons and wasn’t shy about pointing out that Tony Romo would probably have 9-10 wins already with the talent Chicago has assembled.” – SportsMockery.com

For those of you that still think Jay Cutler can win a Super Bowl, you are officially on an island by yourself. It’s not the defense’s fault that Cutler has put up another below average season. He ranks second in the NFL in interceptions and has over 20 total turnovers this year.

Trade him to Tennessee … Oh wait, Zach Mettenberger (#22) is ranked higher than Cutler too! Damn.

“What’s funny in all the complaining about Cutler’s play this season is he’s actually having the best statistical years of his career.” – CBS

Let that sink in.

Bear Down.