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The Chicago Bears dysfunction continues and the franchise QB is the subject of the latest mess.  Not only are the fans frustrated with Jay Cutler, apparently Bears brass and coaches have had enough of the erratic gunslinger.

There have been notable instances of team discord this season, like the yelling in the locker room after the Miami game, but that happens in the NFL; however, what has happened recently is not the norm.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapaport reported that the Bears have buyer’s remorse and doubt that Cutler can lead them to the Super Bowl.  Really, now the doubt sets in, after millions of dollars were invested?

Then there is the rumored rift between the QB and his favorite target Brandon Marshall.  During his radio show Marshall was asked about the buyer’s remorse comment and he voiced his support for Cutler.  After backing Cutler, he then said he would have remorse as well as a businessman. Disparaging remarks from Jay Cutler’s bestie, which can’t be good for locker room harmony.

Now, we get the latest story from the Chicago Tribune’s Brad Biggs that Offensive Coordinator Aaron Kromer tearfully spoke to the team and apologized for throwing Cutler under the bus. In a conversation with the previously mentioned Ian Rapaport at Soldier Field last Thursday, Kromer expressed his frustration with the QB.  Kromer told the players during his emotional speech that he regretted the comments and hopes that the team can learn from this. In the story, Biggs reported that Cutler just shook his head and other players have called this situation messed up.

This Bears situation is beyond messed up. How can Cutler trust Kromer enough to work with him beyond this year? There are reports out there that Mel Tucker is out the door at the end of the season too.  So, that will leave Marc Trestman to find a new staff and regain the trust and command of the locker room. Who trusts him or Phil Emery to make the right decision and right this sinking ship?

The Chicago Bears have been embarrassed on national television two weeks in a row and the embarrassment for this historical franchise continues. Thankfully, there are only three games left of this miserable season.

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