CM Punk Makes a Bold Prediction for 2015 Winter Classic [AUDIO]

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CM Punk has always been a noticeably huge Blackhawks fan, and he thinks there is going to be a blowout at the winter classic.

Former WWE champion CM Punk recently sat down with a CSN analyst Brian Mitchell to do an interview in order to promote his recent UFC signing, Punk made a prediction for the Winter Classic and Blackhawks fans everywhere should enjoy what he had to say.

He predicted that the Blackhawks would demolish the Capitals.

Skip to the 3:17 mark to listen to what CM Punk has to say about his beloved Blackhawks:

Punk is a huge Chicago fan, and has been his whole life, but his favorite team by far is the Blackhawks. He supports the team so much that he sat along the glass during the Blackhawks playoff run last year.


Last season during the playoffs, seats along the glass were on sale for over $5,000… Looks like he spent all his money on that ticket because he obviously couldn’t afford an authentic jersey.

Authentic Jersey- Retail Value $170

real jersey

    Fake Jersey- Value $50

fake jersey

Notice the color and size difference of the Indian head? Maybe with that new contract he signed, he’ll be able to afford a real one.

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