Word had filtered through the ranks that the Chicago Bears were planning to hire a “football smart” guy as a consultant to help rebuild the organization from the ground up following the firings of GM Phil Emery and head coach Marc Trestman.  Chairman George McCaskey, on the heels of those two moves, went for the home run when he announced during a 4 p.m. press conference on Black Monday that the Bears were hiring Ernie Accorsi as their guy to help fix the problem.

For those who may not know, rest assured this is a phenomenal move by McCaskey and the Bears ownership.  Accorsi has football success in his blood.  If not for a bad ownership in Baltimore he had the werwithal to draft John Elway in 1983, seeing the Hall of Fame player he would become.  After that he landed with the Cleveland Browns in 1985 as GM and promptly turned them into Super Bowl contenders, eventually reached three AFC championships in four seasons.  However, his greatest success came as GM of the New York Giants.  From 1998 to 2007 his teams made the playoffs five times, reached two Super Bowls and won a Lombardi trophy in that epic upset of the undefeated Patriots.

He is widely respected around the league and has an uncanny eye not just for player talent but coaching talent as well since he hired Marty Schottenheimer (200 career wins) in Cleveland and Tom Coughlin (two championship wins) in New York.  This is as good a hire as the Chicago Bears could possibly have made.