For 16 years the Chicago Bears have insisted they had the right man at the controls of the founding franchise of the NFL.  They trusted Ted Phillips could take them where they wanted to go, which was the top.  That is why they faithfully put the football in his hands as team president in 1999.

Apparently common sense never factored into the decision.  Phillips, during his entire tenure with the Bears dating back to 1983 had never been involved in major football-related decisions such as hiring coaches, draft players etc.  He was their chief financial guru who negotiated player contracts and managed the money.  Nobody has ever debated that he was bad at that job, but whatever compelled the organization to think he could handle the Xs and Os side of things is mind-boggling.

Since he took the job the Bears have made the playoffs just four times and lost the Super Bowl in 2006.  He’s hired some rather pedestrian GMs who have in turn hired some even more pedestrian head coaches.  His latest failures was the Phil Emery and Marc Trestman era that resulted in the 5-11 disaster the Bears went through in 2014.  It would seem that final blunder has at last done enough to overshadow Phillips’ financial contributions to the team.

Chairman George McCaskey has already sent Emery and the coaching staff packing and word has begun to filter in that Phillips will be shifted from an overall command to being in charge of just the business area of operations for the Bears, leaving a seat open for somebody to come in and take over the football duties.

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It is what Chicago Bears fans and media have demanded, hoped and wished for indeed for the past few years.  Ted Phillips has demonstrated a clear lack of knowhow in building a winning team.  The only unfortunate part is that it took this long for ownership to realize it.