Brian Urlacher Continues To Talk Trash About Jay Cutler, Is He Right?

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[icon name=icon-bolt] VIRAL – While appearing on the Mike & Mike show this morning, Brian Urlacher took another shot at Jay Cutler. Then Aaron Rodgers came on …

Brian Urlacher’s Relationships

Urlacher told Mike & Mike that he simply doesn’t talk to Jay Cutler when asked about their relationship. He went on to say that he’ll keep his opinion on Phil Emery to himself and he adores the McCaskey family, specifically George.

Thoughts On Cutler

When asked about his opinion on Cutler, Urlacher jumped at the opportunity to jab him.

People had a bad opinion on me because of my thoughts on Cutler. Is he elite? Well, he gets paid to be an elite quarterback. He’s elite at throwing the football far, but the NFL isn’t about that … it’s about winning football games. With Forte, Marshall, Jeffery and a good offensive line, the proof is there. Marc Trestman was supposed to fix him. He didn’t.(paraphrasing)

It wasn’t the first time Urlacher said the only thing elite about Cutler was his money…

“Financially, he is one of the elite guys in the NFL […] he just hasn’t produced like an elite quarterback. You look at the Bradys, the Mannings, the Rodgers, the Brees, those guys win every year, even with no one around them. Rodgers has no offensive line. He wins. Brady has no receivers. He wins.” (Oct. 23rd)

Mike Greenberg said he agrees with Urlacher and has finally given up hope that Cutler can turn it around.

This was all after a short rant about how Urlacher thinks Lovie Smith should have kept his job after leading the Bears to a 10-6 record in his final season. Urlacher also mentioned that he was friends with everyone on the team while he was there, but made it clear Cutler wasn’t his friend.

Has Respect For Aaron Rodgers

Mike & Mike apparently planned a short segment for Rodgers and Urlacher to talk to each other. Previously in the show, Urlacher said that Rodgers was the best quarterback he’d ever played against – so why not.

When Rodgers and Urlacher first spoke, the topic was golf. Urlacher wanted to know if Rodgers’ recent hand injury would hurt his golf game this spring. Rodgers said it might put him back a few strokes, but he’ll still beat Brian.

Come to find out that Rodgers has beaten Urlacher the last two times they have played, even though the recently retired linebacker has been spending much more time on the course.

Mike & Mike had a short discussion about Urlacher vs. Rodgers, then gushed about how good the Packers are this year while Urlacher sat and listened.

Did Brian Urlacher see the writing on the wall with Cutler and Trestman from the beginning?

Quite an interesting segment to say the least.