When you say “That’s the best catch I’ve ever seen”, it’s often just an expression and you don’t wholeheartedly mean it.


Well, last night, Odell Beckham Jr. may have blew up the internet and for good reason. To say it’s the best catch I’ve ever seen would be a factual statement for numerous reasons. But, I digress. The real fun began when photoshoppers united and got to work which inspired ‘Things Odell Could Catch’ memes.

Odell Robs Bartman

Odell Creates Man

Move Over Stallone, Odell’s Got This

Odell Snags 50 Cent’s Wild-Pitch

Odell Can Be Like Mike

Odell is MonSTAR

Odell’s Precious

Odell is Hotter than Kim K

Odell Dunks on LeBron

Odell Saves the Dinos

I got news for you folks, this kid is legit and the one-handed catches are his signature going back to his days at LSU.

I mean he even made this guy shit himself.

There are, however, a few things Odell can’t catch.