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Humor - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are facing allegations that could land them in hot water. According to the report, patron Troy Sykes was in a bar at Raymond James Stadium when he ordered a few shots of Jose Cuervo. The shots turned out to be colored water, Sykes was not happy. Sykes then recorded his whole conversation with the bar owner.

The bar owner indicated that Sykes was accidentally poured shots out of the display bottle which is filled with water behind the bar. The bar owner apologized for the misunderstanding. However, it’s illegal in Florida for branded bottles to be filled with water behind the bar, so Raymond James Stadium will be facing sanctions for the practice.

“You’ve got 100,000 people in that stadium or 60,000 people in there, if they want to drink they should be able to drink, get what they pay for,” he said. “Also, from what I understand, because I am a Dolphins fans, to see the Bucs play, you have to have a lot of alcohol in your system.”

Not sure how, but this must have been Lovie Smith’s fault.

Bear Down.


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