Just one day after Chicago Bears “fans” embarrassed real fans and the entire city by harassing and threatening head coach Marc Trestman’s daughters on social media, more fans are continuing the social media taunts. This time, Jay Cutler’s wife, reality star Kristin Cavallari, is being berated by Chicago Bears fans on the comments section of her latest post on Instagram.

Jay Cutler’s Wife Harassed By Bears Fans

Kristin just wanted to share some tailgating recipes with her fans.

Jay Cutler's Wife

Hope you have him crap? Melelizlee…….

Jay Cutler's Wife

I am 84% sure that dodgersbaby doesn’t know who the Cowboys’ QB is…..

Jay Cutler's Wife

Witso…how is he supposed to study when his wife keeps making butternut squash!?!?!?!


Yes, loving and caring wife, tell your husband to quit football because he fuckin sucks so bad.

Jay Cutler's Wife

rj3_kanyec7 bad comment, even worse username.

Jay Cutler's Wife

jaxolive85 wins (I think)

Jay Cutler's Wife

As you can kind of see from my shitty screenshots, many (mostly) women had Kristin’s back. If Kristin could survive the mean streets of Laguna Beach, handling assholes on Instagram will be a breeze.


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