Shea McClellin Draft
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Chicago Bears Football – When analyzing the different scenarios that could have prevented this dreadful 2014 Chicago Bears season, Phil Emery’s selection of Shea McClellin stands out like a sore thumb.

2012 NFL Draft Rewind

After the Chicago Bears won the NFC North in 2010, many expected a repeat in 2011 but it didn’t happen. The Bears finished with an 8-8 record and missed the playoffs. During the following offseason, it was clear the Chicago Bears needed another pass rusher, many agreed it was their #1 priority heading into the 2012 NFL Draft.

“The defensive end position has taken the front seat as the Bears’ most glaring issue” (Bleacher Report – ’12)

Adam Hoge, from CBS Sports, thought the Chicago Bears should trade back:

“You know what the Bears should really do? Trade back. Their 19th overall pick is in an awkward spot because all of the first-tier guys I think they should take will likely already be gone and they can get almost all of the second-tier guys a few picks later.” (CBS – ’12)

Who The Hell Is Shea McClellin?

After Shea McClellin’s name was announced, most Bears’ fans mouths fell wide open. “Who the hell is Shea McClellin?” Safe to say Google blew up that day with Chicago wondering who this farm boy from Idaho was. The most interesting part about this draft pick, NOBODY had McClellin in a Chicago Bears mock draft, only adding to the surprise of everyone.

Shea McClellin

  • Position: DE
  • College: Boise State
  • Draft Result: Chicago Bears, Round 1, Pick 19
  • NFL Stats: 65 tackles, 7.5 sacks and 1 pass deflections

The initial suspicion wore off as Chicago fans found out McClellin was pegged a favorite of newly hired general manager Phil Emery.

“Shea McClellin, DE, Boise State Phil Emery raved about McClellin’s natural instincts, and functional athleticism, which should translate well as an NFL pass rusher. His physical attributes don’t necessarily jump off the charts, but he plays better than workout testing would indicate.” (ESPN – ’12)

A farm boy from Idaho, headed to the big city?  Could this really work? Aside from that, most people found out that McClellin was considered a 3-4 player, not a 4-3 defensive pass rusher like the Bears considered him.

“If you have read anything about McClellin, the thing that seems to stick out the most is that he appears better suited for a 3-4 defense than a 4-3 defense (which is what the Bears run).” (Bleacher Report – ’12)

McClellin’s Struggle

Since the Chicago Bears have selected Shea McClellin in the 2012 draft, everyone in the NFL would probably agree that he’s a “tweener.” A “tweener” is a good football player that simply lacks the natural size and strength needed to play with the big boys in the NFL.

Starting only 34 out of 48 games since he was drafted, McClellin has posted incredibly average numbers. Average for a second string defensive end that is. Posting only 7.5 sacks since 2012, it’s clear he’s not the defensive force Emery thought he would be. Most think he would be cut from the team if Emery’s reputation could save face while it happens.

Who Should Chicago Have Taken?

Considering nobody can change the past, the Chicago Bears are stuck with McClellin until he’s eventually let go. However, if Phil Emery would have gone with public opinion, and not drafted a 3-4 outside linebacker to play 4-3 defensive end, these five guys could have changed the entire outlook of the Chicago Bears team we see now. —>

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